I made this the other in my crock pot and words can’t describe how it tasted.  I am all about spices, and more.   I like the Asian flair to the dish especially with chicken with broccoli.  I only buy boneless breasts and thaw out big pieces for the dish. Usually I do alot of pan cooking or stir fry which I love the most.  I love the teriyaki taste and I found a recipe that if you throw in soy sauce and brown sugar together, the result is amazing. My recipe with my crockpot isfollows:  When I cook, I can save the leftovers for few days.

Asian Chicken and Broccoli

3 good-sized boneless chicken breasts, cut each in two

3 cups chicken broth

4cloves of garlic (chopped)



Onion powder

Lemon juice of lemon (actually I cut a lemon and added both halves to the pot)

Onions (cut half of one)

Stalk of broccoli, keeps the florets and stems pretty long

Soy sauce (1/3 cup)

Brown sugar (1/3 cup) or rmore

These are my measurements and my own tastes, please measure to your liking. If you don’t like sweet taste,omit the brown sugar. Nothing is exact science.

Turn the crock pot to high or low (or depending on when you are going  to eat)

Put the chicken broth in,chicken,spices,the lemon halves, soy sauce.

Cook for a few hours till chicken is tender

Add the broccoli and the onions,cook for another half hour or till broccoli and onions are tender. Taste the broth and if you like it as  it is….don’t add brown sugar.

If you want the brown sugar, add it at last half hour.


About 2sassygal

First of all, I love to cook...not every night, but weekends are the best time to cook. I am a animal lover, especially wildlife. My next vacation would be to South Africa. To get personal and close up to wildlife would be fascinating. I like to read suspense, thriller novels. Regarding television....I like some reality shows, crime shows, comedies. I like to look at a recipe from a cookbook and do my version of it.. usually the healthier choice. I am all about substitutions, if a recipe calls for a ingredient there are dozens of ingredients you can substitute for the called-for ingredient. I like summer because I love cooking outdoors, swimming. It's just the fresh air that makes everyone want to get outside and do something. I love the air especially after the rain.... that nothing compares to that.

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