Do you love Hershey’s Cookies and Cream candy bars with pieces of cookie bits in them…??  I had a great idea to make cookies with a big bar of Cookies and Cream.  If you saw my  recipe for Thin Mint Cookies.   This is the  same principle. I tell you….it’s easy peasy. The result…they melt in your mouth with the crispness of the Ritz cracker and the smoothness of the white chocolate and pieces of cookie bits.

Crispy Cookie and Cream Cookies

1 sleeve of Ritz crackers

1 giant bar of Hershey’s Cookies and Cream candy bar

Waxed paper

Cookie sheet


1. Take out the crackers out the sleeveand put in a bowl.

2. Break the bar into pieces so it will melt easier.  Melt the bar in the microwave intervals of about 40 mins. keep watching to prevent burning.  Stir until all chocolate is melted.

3. With two spoons, put a cracker on top of one, smooth the mixture on top of it with the back of the other spoon.

4. Gently lay it on top of the waxed paper lined cookie sheet.  Don’t coat the bottom of the cracker because the cookie bits will go further if you just coat the tops of the crackers.

5. Put the cookie sheet with the crackers in the fridge until they are firm. You will have a little bite of creaminess for a snack whenever you desire.


About 2sassygal

First of all, I love to cook...not every night, but weekends are the best time to cook. I am a animal lover, especially wildlife. My next vacation would be to South Africa. To get personal and close up to wildlife would be fascinating. I like to read suspense, thriller novels. Regarding television....I like some reality shows, crime shows, comedies. I like to look at a recipe from a cookbook and do my version of it.. usually the healthier choice. I am all about substitutions, if a recipe calls for a ingredient there are dozens of ingredients you can substitute for the called-for ingredient. I like summer because I love cooking outdoors, swimming. It's just the fresh air that makes everyone want to get outside and do something. I love the air especially after the rain.... that nothing compares to that.

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