I needed a spice rack desperately with the spices I have, the top of my stove didn’t have a square inch left. I thought with all my cardboard I keep and the corrugated cardboard is very sturdy for alot of crafts. I still have alot of spices in my cardboard but this is the cutest project I ever did.

1. These were all sides of corrugated boxes, cut to size of spice rack. I measured the front flaps to hold spices and back sides as well. I added another flap to put in between the lower and upper spices so I could have two tiers of spices.

2. I sponge-painted the flaps red to match my kitchen. I glued a strip of brown construction paper and wrote down the names of the spices on the bottom and one for the top spices.

3. When all the flaps are dry, start hot glueing all the sides really good. You will need to gauge where you need to put the inside flap so you need to put the tall spices on the bottom and lay the flap down for the right fit. Then glue the flap at the sides of the rack and take away the spices. The top layer is for upper spices.

4. With red construction paper I made a scalloped edge to the eaves and each of the sides of the spice rack. For the chimney, I cut pieces of corrugated and hot glued to the roof.



About 2sassygal

First of all, I love to cook...not every night, but weekends are the best time to cook. I am a animal lover, especially wildlife. My next vacation would be to South Africa. To get personal and close up to wildlife would be fascinating. I like to read suspense, thriller novels. Regarding television....I like some reality shows, crime shows, comedies. I like to look at a recipe from a cookbook and do my version of it.. usually the healthier choice. I am all about substitutions, if a recipe calls for a ingredient there are dozens of ingredients you can substitute for the called-for ingredient. I like summer because I love cooking outdoors, swimming. It's just the fresh air that makes everyone want to get outside and do something. I love the air especially after the rain.... that nothing compares to that.

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